Dipset's Jim Jones wants to step out of his musical comfort zone, and he'd like Kid Rock to help him along the way.

In an interview with Global Grind, the Harlem native revealed that he would love to collaborate with the Detroit rocker on some new music. "I'm trying to get in touch with Kid Rock," he said. "I want him to jump on this track."

Although he didn't disclose which song he would like the 40-year-old rock performer to add his vocals to, he went on to state that he became Rock's fan because of his musical style. "I listen to his music, because his music has a lot of rhythm to it."

Even though they come from different worlds musically, a possible collaboration isn't' so far-fetched. Rock is known for rapping over edgy rock beats and has worked with tons of hip-hop artists including Run D.M.C. and Eminem. As an up-and-coming artist, he also went on tour with rap heavyweights Ice Cube and Too Short.

Jones, who can currently be seen on VH1's newest reality hit, 'Love and Hip-Hop,' just released a new album, 'Capo,' and is currently working on a Dipset reunion project. "This album is a little more aggressive than my last album," he explained. "I'm bouncing back from the recession. I had to hustle hard and with hustling you have to be aggressive. It's very strong.

"As a business man you have to produce radio friendly records. If you want to get some spins. I don't have the time to be fighting against the system, you know? I ain't stubborn. I'm just trying to get some money."

Watch Jim Jones' 'Perfect Day'
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