Dip Set capo Jim Jones has announced that the video for his new song, 'Perfect Day,' is dedicated to cancer patients and their families.

In an interview with former NFL star Darrell Reid, the Harlem rapper revealed that the inspirational video, which is co-directed by Jones, was made with a personal intention.

"I lost my grandmother from cancer," Jones explained. "I always wanted to dedicate something to her. The video is dedicated to anyone that's affected by cancer, or have cancer or families that's been affected by cancer. And for the soldiers that don't get to come home who have been at war for so long, for people that have hearing problems. This is all dedicated to things that mean something personal to me."

The video depicts Jones as a deli employee, pink-clad babysitter and doctor, a major departure from Jones' usual street image. "I know a lot of people don't expect this type of music for me," Jones continued. "When I first put it out I been getting a lot of flack, like 'that's not a regular Jim Jones song, where that Jim Jones s--t at, where's that ballin' s--t at?' Then the same people that was telling me that two [to] three weeks ago, is now like, 'Nah, but the song's kinda alright, it's kinda growing on me.' Sometimes you hear something that you don't like so much that you end up liking it."

'Perfect Day' is the second single from Jones' upcoming fifth album, 'CAPO,' which is scheduled for release on April 5.

Watch Jim Jones' 'Perfect Day'

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