Though details are still emerging, it appears that Harlem rapper Jim Jones was arrested in New York City earlier today, for driving with a suspended license.

TMZ released footage of the Dipset capo being cuffed in front of his Bentley by New York City's finest, and reports that Jones is currently still in custody for the driving violation. Jones was previously arrested for having an outstanding warrant back in 2009, after being pulled over while driving his Bentley in northern New Jersey. He was also in a serious car accident earlier this year, when his passenger van was totaled.

Jones' reunited crew, the Diplomats, recently worked with Dr. Dre, who not only coached Jones on his rapping, but also kept a handful of songs they recorded after their session. "He actually took all of the songs," Jones explained. "He did some fly s---; he set up his s--- and the songs were recorded directly to his hard drive and his computer, inside of my studio ... Smart dude."

Lead by his questionable pop-rock first single 'Perfect Day,' Jim Jones' new album, 'Capo,' is in stores April 5.

Watch Jim Jones' 'Perfect Day'
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