An amazing singer, an incredibly skilled lyricist, a poet, an actress and now a designer of greeting cards.

We're talking about our favorite renaissance woman Jill Scott, who's partnered with Hallmark's Mahogany collection to release cards on Valentines Day. There will also be designs for Father's and Mother's Day as well.

"The Mahogany brand is genuine, progressive and optimistic," said Scott. "Values that are important to me and reflected in my music and poetry and now through my card collection."

"I was inspired by highlights within my own life — love, marriage, motherhood, in the writing behind these cards and I'm excited to be involved in a project that will give others another way to express their love to the people that matter most to them," she added.

Philip Polk, Hallmark Cards' vice president of Multicultural Strategy said Jilly from Philly is the ideal person to partner with, based on her life as an artist, wife and mother.

"Ms. Scott is more than a singer, songwriter and actress," he stated. "She is a busy mom and wife, like many Hallmark shoppers who cherish and celebrate the important relationships in their lives, and this card collection is a reflection of that."

"Through this partnership, we were able to combine Mahogany cards' messages rooted in inspiration, positivity and cultural connection with Jill Scott's unique, bold and soulful editorial and design vision to create a one-of-a-kind collection," added Polk.

A definite congrats goes out to Ms. Scott for sure.

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