Jermaine Dupri was named in a new lawsuit that claims the Atlanta-based producer is behind on his child support payments.

An Atlanta woman named Sarai Jones is suing JD after he failed to make court-ordered child support payments that were appointed in March. At the ruling made by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Margaret Dorsey, Dupri was required to supply Jones with $2,500 monthly, in addition to a base payment of $7,500.

A paternity test has concluded that Dupri fathered Jones' 7-month-old child. Her attorney Randy Kessler says that his client simply wants Dupri to "work together to co-parent their beautiful baby girl."

This latest blow comes on the heels of some serious financial woes for the 'Money Ain't a Thing Rapper.' This week, he managed to delay the auction of his foreclosed Atlanta mansion, which has earned him a $2.5 million dollar debt, in addition to another $493,768 that he has owed in back taxes since 2007 and $14,024 in unpaid property taxes.

In 2006, Forbes cited Jermaine Dupri as earning $12 million for his work in the music industry.

Dupri recently celebrated the prison release of longtime collaborator Da Brat, with the remixed track 'Look at Me Now,' originally released by Chris Brown.

Watch Jay-Z & Jermaine Dupri's 'Money Ain't a Thing'
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