For the ladies who always get approached on the street by men when they're walking around, there's a new anthem for you thanks to Jennifer Hudson.

The Timbaland and J-Roc-produced track was released back in April, and now with brand new visuals to accompany it, the song has a new breath of life.

The 'American Idol' winner is strolling the streets being hounded by a bunch of male suitors in the X-directed visual. With Hudson dressed down in her best around-the-way-girl outfit, the video takes on a classic '90s look, which matches the throwback track perfectly. And the R&B singer looks great too, with a cute bob haircut, large hoop earrings and a lovely svelte figure. It's easy to imagine that she would get hit on wherever she goes.

There's even a personal cameo from her professional wrestler fiance David Otunga at the start of the video, and Timbaland makes a couple of appearances as well.

Hudson's new album, which will feature the song, will be out later this year. The 'Sex And The City' star said 'Walk It Out' reminds her of her past and the city of Chicago.

"'Walk It Out' reflects the JHud in me," she said. "Every bit of it is a reminder and a connection of where I come from. Who better to help me reconnect to that than Timbaland and his team? We co-wrote the song together so I'm singing to my words. It's my take; my perspective. It's my music and I can't wait to share that with my fans."

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