Jennifer Hudson is currently pitching a book deal about her recent weight loss and lifestyle change, but the Oscar and Grammy Award winner may have some trouble getting publishers to snag her story considering some want dramatic content rather than a read about a slim figure.

In the midst of trying to sell her story, J Hud's feathers were ruffled on Monday (May 30) when she got wind that had posted a story alleging that she was having trouble pitching her book because literary agents are more interested in the tragic murders of her family.

Bossip ran the story under the headline, "Publishers Would Rather Try To Make Money From The Hudson Family Murders Than J. Hud's Slimmy Trimmy-Dom." After finding out about the posting, Hudson wrote a number of angry tweets aimed at the folks over at Bossip.

"Something's are priceless. How low can people go. I just don't get it. Stop making up s---!!! Everyday I wake up I'm constantly reminded how cruel n heartless the world is ... So cold!! Wow!" she tweeted. "Bossip u owe me an apology! Y would u take someone's tragedy and build a story of nothing but lies around it...F-k u!!!! "

Bossip, who claims to have used the New York Post's Page Six as a source, responded to J. Hud via Twitter.

"What did we do? You must have misread our post. Why aren't you upset with the NY Post? That was our source! But we reaaaaally think you misread the post. Really. Look again. Look at the headline! We said the PUBLISHERS want that story. Where is the lie????"

The website also released a statement to Access Hollywood in an attempt to clear up what they are labeling a misunderstanding. "We think what happened this morning is simply that Jennifer misread the headline on our post and reacted without ever reading the story," read the statement.

Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew were murdered in her hometown of Chicago, Ill. in 2008. Following the tragedy, she gave birth to a son, David in 2009, and then dropped 80 pounds as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

Her second studio album, 'I Remember Me,' was released on March 22, 2011. Hudson will likely perform songs off the effort, including the title track and 'Where You At,' during her set at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans on July 1.

Watch Jennifer Hudson's 'Where You At'
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