Throughout his rap career, Jeezy had a few rap skirmishes. His most known beef was with Gucci Mane, which still remains between the two Atlanta rappers. And there were also rumors that the late rapper Pimp C has some beef with Jeezy as well.

But in his interview with Raq Rants, the Snowman recalls having no issues with the late UGK rapper. He feels it was a misunderstanding.

“It wasn’t really beef. I never understood that. I don’t think Pimp was talking about me. I know Pimp well enough to know that he was probably talking you know, because he’s not going to bite his tongue," he said. "He’s that type of person. Right before he passed he had a conversation with one of my guys. I was actually sitting in the car we was talking to him on speakerphone. [Pimp C was] like I love Jeezy.”

Jeezy also added that he respects UGK and considers them his idols. So he doesn't have any idea where the rumors of beef between him and Pimp C got started. "We love Pimp C. He represented us," he said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Jeezy talks about going to the strip club, talks of retirement and President Obama shouting him out.

Watch Jeezy's interview above.

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