For someone who only launched their career two years ago, Jazmine Sullivan has a lot of respectable achievements under her belt. The songstress has earned herself hit singles, a Grammy nomination, and a spot on Mary J. Bilge's Music Saved My Life tour, where she is sharing opening duties with newcomer Miguel and El Debarge.

Sullivan says that traveling around the country with Blige allows her to enjoy the show as both a fan and a performer. The BoomBox caught up with the 23-year-old Wednesday (Oct. 20) just before going on stage at the Gibson Amphitheater in Universal City, Calif.

"It's been wonderful, it's been therapeutic," she said of touring with Blige. "That's one of the things you love about this tour, she's so real and she's so honest. She's been through everything that you're going through, that you've been through, and she can speak to you. When I was younger, I saw her in concert and she was bawling. I admired her for being that honest and that open with her audience. I think that's why people love her. That's something that I have not done yet -- been that honest -- because you gotta be really not scared to do that, but that's something one day that I would love to just do. Just let it out." Later that evening, Sullivan performed the appropriate song for her remark, a cover of SWV's 'Weak.'

Sullivan's sophomore album, 'Love Me Back,' balances both the good and bad that comes with being in a serious relationship. Female fans can relate to the "break-up songs" like 'Holding You Down,' without being characterized as "male bashing." "I felt like I was probably a little one-side with [my debut] 'Fearless,' because of the relationship I had just ended. I came off a little angry!" the Philadelphia native confesses. "This time I want to show a softer side and a different side of relationships because every relationship isn't tumultuous."

Sullivan's 'Love Me Back' is due in stores November 30, while the Music Saved My Life tour raps up October 23 in Concord, Calif.