Play Jay-Z and Kanye West's 'N----s in Paris' track, off their joint LP, 'Watch the Throne,' most anywhere hip-hop fans are present and the response will be a welcoming one, considering the song sits at No. 2 on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. The popularity of the Hit Boy-produced record has even caught the comedy world's eye, as two jesters have spoofed it and created an accompanying "provocative" visual.

Juan Bago and Oscar Ramirez, two entertainers who happen to be of Dominican descent, star in the Gilberto Flores-directed 'Dominis in the Heights,' which features them joyriding in a hooptified Chevrolet Caprice Classic rather than the stuntastic Maybach that Hov and Yeezy mangle in their 'Otis' video.

"Times so hard, everything is so pricey/ I'm not paid, I'm not paid, I'm not paid," Ramirez jokingly raps in a scene set in New York's Washington Heights. "Applebee's, two-for-one/ One for you, one for moi/ And I got like two Groupons/ One side salad, no limit on croutons."

While Kanye West made "that s--- crazy" a staple in the original 'N----s in Paris' song, here the comedic duo create an equally catchy phrase of "that's OK," -- or "thas OK" in this case -- which serves as a reminder that living life on a budget sits right by Bago and Ramirez.

"She said, 'Why the hell we eating at the mall'/ I said, 'I'm thirsty, let's go third floor'/ Drink the water out this bathroom stall/ Then hit the food court, free samples, take 'em all," Juan Bago rhymes in an Auto-Tune-saturated voice.

Watch 'Dominis in the Heights'

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