After announcing last week that he and Jay-Z would be releasing their single 'H.A.M' within a week's time, Kanye West has made good on his word. Last night at midnight, the first single off the pair's upcoming album 'Watch the Throne' was released on their Facebook page, giving listeners a preview of what's to come on the LP.


The track, whose title stands for "Hard as a Mothaf---a," boasts a brolic beat courtesy of 19-year-old producer Lex Luger, who has helmed singles for Rick Ross and Waka Flocka Flame. Topped with an operatic vocal sample, the banger features a verse from each MC, with both switching up their flows between rapping in double-time and flowing in the beat's pocket.

"Got 'em jumpin' out the building/ Watch out below/ A million out the door/ I'm about to go ham," raps 'Ye on a misogynistic verse. Jay follows with rhymes about how he's earned his spot in the game. "I swam waters with Great Whites / Y'all motherf---ers would've been chewed," he spits.

Jay-Z and Kanye's upcoming album 'Watch the Throne' has been in the works for a minute, originally conceived as a five-track EP that was to see release by Thanksgiving last year. But the two expanded the EP to a full-length album, which is currently slated for a March release and set to include production from Pete Rock and Q-Tip.

Listen to 'H.A.M' via the 'Watch the Throne' Facebook page.