After tapping Kanye West to work on his forthcoming album 'Believe,' Justin Bieber has taken on the epic challenge of leaving his own mark on one of Yeezy's tracks. During a recent radio interview with Power 106 FM Bieber spit an original freestyle over Kanye and his 'Watch the Throne' partner Jay-Z's lead single 'Otis.'

The pop sensation wowed his radio station hosts for a solid two minutes with his rap skills, especially when he pulled a Chris Brown, a la 'Look at Me Now,' while nearing the one minute mark and took a brief breather before exclaiming, "I'm not done!"

Bieber went on to give a shout-out to his girl Selena Gomez, who apparently "thinks [he's] perfect" and "wants to get up under [him]." The 17-year-old even name dropped Otis Redding, whose 1966 version of the classic tune 'Try a Little Tenderness' was sampled for the track.

"Thanked Jesus at the awards I'm never going to hell/ Call me Zack Morris I'm saving you by the bell," JB rapped, referencing Kanye's original verse, his awkward MTV VMAs acceptance speech in August and that time he wore a 'Saved By the Bell' fan T-shirt -- all in one fell swoop!

This isn't the first time Bieber has tried his hand at hip-hop. The singer rapped alongside Busta Rhymes on his 'Under the Mistletoe' track 'Little Drummer Boy.'

What do you think of Bieber's freestyle skills? Check him out in the video below.

Watch Justin Bieber Freestyle to 'Otis'