West coast rapper Jay Rock has been cleared of all charges, after his April 29th arrest in Watts.

The police held Jay (born Johnnie McKenzie) as a primary suspect in a neighborhood drive by shooting. Although the charges were eventually dropped, he remained in custody due to several outstanding warrants. According to reports, he was finally able to make bail in time to perform in Utah.

The arrest was made public after a video leaked to the net depicting Jay Rock sitting on the curb, in handcuffs, outside of his Watts home. Check the video out here.

Though Jay Rock is a rumored member of the Bloods, his breakout single 'All My Life,' with Lil Wayne and Will.i.am, received national attention, and his major label debut, 'Follow Me Home' is scheduled for a fall release through Warner Brothers. Here's hoping he remains trouble free, he's one of the better up and coming rappers in the west.