Comedian Jay Pharaoh is best known for his comedic skills on 'Saturday Night Live,' but he flexes his funny bone in his new video for 'Problems.'

Set to a steady, bass heavy beat, the funnyman pulls off his best gangsta rap posturing and spits rhymes about the hard life of rap artists. Although the beat would hint at a more serious, uncensored look into Pharaoh's hardships, the lyrics actually point to something a bit more comedic.

"I got problems / I got issues / I got problems / Now where the tissues," he raps on the chorus.

Poking fun at the persona that rappers put up when they're performing these songs, the 'SNL' star does a great job proving that he's got lyrical skills. There's also some witty digs at some of today's popular hip-hoppers.

While he talks about smoking weed and making tons of money, there are parts in the song where Pharoah goes out of his rapper persona and explains that it's all facade. After his quick explanation, he jumps back even harder into the chorus.

Between the auto-tune and breaks between gangsta rap and dramatic monologue, this is a video that will keep you laughing from beginning to end.

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