"My favorite performances were always people that put on a show, not just actually singing the song but actually making the song come to life with either theatrics or some kind of dance," Jason Derulo tells The Boombox as he sits comfortably inside Avatar Studios in New York City. Leave it to the bona fide hitmaker ('Whatcha Say' and 'The Other Side' to name a few) to follow in the footsteps of the same artists who inspired him and do just that when he hits the stage.

When the 24-year-old singer, who just released his newly reissued third album, 'Talk Dirty,' steps out under the bright lights, the result is far from banal. A typical show includes Derulo hitting high notes while leaping into the air, never once losing momentum. He glides around the stage showing off dance moves that most men in his same age bracket couldn't pull off, all while delivering mid-tempo fare with hooks that stay locked in your brain long after the first listen. Take 'Trumpets' for instance, an effort Derulo penned to showcase how his lady (most likely his real live love Jordin Sparks) sounds off the brass instruments whenever he's with her.

For The Boombox's Off the Record series, Jason Derulo breaks out into 'Trumpets' with the support of his all-male dance crew. Watch Mr. Yours Truly get down to the symphonies in his head.

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