If there's one thing to take away from Jason Derulo's songs like 'Talk Dirty' and 'Wiggle,' it's that the singer loves the female form. The 24-year-old calls special attention to a curvaceous lady's behind on the latter track -- a "big fat butt" as he calls it. While the lyrics featured in the song use more than a few creative ways to describe finely-shaped derrieres ("Your booty like two planets," "Cadillac, Cadillac, pop that trunk," "Patty cake, patty cake with no hands"), it's the way he actually performs the track that catches attention.

Inside Avatar Studios in New York City, Derulo gets his wiggle on with an assist from four dancers as he performs the song, featured on his new album, 'Talk Dirty.' The Miami native skips the elaborate threads for a simple black tank top and jeans so he can display his footwork and skills appropriately. This is one dude who can dance.

Since he's doing more than most singers in the music industry these days, the tattooed crooner is aware of his fellow competitors. But his sights are set closer to home. "I watch myself very closely," Derulo tells The Boombox. "I'm always trying to compete with myself. I always wanna be better than I was yesterday. That's what really keeps me on my toes. I'm not really looking to see what other people are doing. Matter fact, I actually like sometimes just not listening to the radio, not listening to what's going on just so that what I'm creating is brand new, the experimentation is real."

"Like 'Wiggle,' we're actually using a recorder," he continues. "You know, the recorder is that little flute-like instrument that we use in elementary school. That kind of stuff just comes purely from experimentation not from listening to nobody else."

Take a look at Jason Derulo's striking performance of the Ricky Reed-produced 'Wiggle' for The Boombox's Off the Record series.