Three is Jason Derulo's lucky number. The singing wünderkind's third album received a reissue this month titled 'Talk Dirty,' featuring a selection of new songs showcasing his knack for writing ridiculously catchy hooks and experimenting with sounds like the saxophone-riddled title track and the flute-tinged 'Wiggle.' The 24-year-old singer is giving himself a pat on the back for the success of the effort, considering he was laid up with a nearly-crippling neck injury when he hit the studio to craft the songs.

After rising to the top of the Billboard charts with this LP during its first week of release, Derulo takes time to reflect on the project for The Boombox's Off the Record series. The singer/dancer, who rarely stands still during stage performances, not only discusses his inspirations on the come-up but delves into his work as a hip-hop ghostwriter as well ("It was cool to be a ghostwriter because I got to jump into somebody else's skin for a second"). From Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter' album to Birdman's 'Bossy,' Derulo worked alongside many hip-hop staples before he made a name for himself as a widely recognized force in the pop and R&B world.

Watch as the Miami native opens up about his new opus, the first album he ever bought, his versatility as a songwriter and steering clear of the drama.

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