After pleading guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon in December 2010, Ja Rule is finally facing the music. The former Murda Inc. rapper will appear before a judge today to be sentenced to a prison term for a crime stemming back to July 2007.

The New York MC, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, revealed that he's allowing cameras to follow him to shoot a reality show in anticipation of his sentencing. "On my way to court day 1 of shooting for my new show...," tweeted the platinum-selling spitter early this morning. Rule has begun forging a comeback in recent months, relaunching his website and remaining optimistic about several reality show pilots. He is also preparing his first album in seven years, which he's dubbed 'The Renaissance Project' and planned on delivering before his looming prison stint.

Ja was originally arrested almost four years ago after leaving a concert at New York City's Beacon Theater -- the same show that lead to Lil Wayne's incarceration last year. Police pulled over the 34-year-old's Maybach after smelling marijuana emanating from the vehicle. Upon searching, the NYPD discovered a loaded semi-automatic gun in the rear driver's side of the car.

In December 2010, Ja pleaded guilty to the charges, though the judge dismissed his statement to police that he had a "little bit of weed" on him. The rapper was originally facing up to four years in prison, but is expected to only be handed a two-year sentence later today.

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