As Ja Rule settles into his new home behind bars for the next two years, his wife is coming to his defense, slamming claims that he's broke.

Aisha Atkins, who has been married to the rapper since 2001, told TMZ that her hubby left the family with more than enough money to survive while he is in prison. "He did leave us well-off," she revealed. "All of the rumors about Ja being broke are far from true. Ja made sure ... that me and my kids wouldn't need anything as far as income goes. He planned well before he went in. We won't be bad ... even for a little bit -- that was Ja's first priority as a man who makes sure family comes first."

Earlier this year, the Queens rapper's finances were exposed when it was revealed that he owes the government $1.1 million in unpaid taxes. Rule plead guilty to tax evasion charges and will face a judge on July 8 on three counts of failing to pay taxes on income earned between 2004 and 2008. If convicted the 35-year-old could face up to a year in prison.

Rule, born Jeffrey Atkins, officially began another prison sentence last week, stemming from a 2007 weapons possession charge. According to the rapper's lawyer, he will likely serve 18 to 20 months in jail, with time shaved off for good behavior.

Watch Ja Rule's 'Uh-Ohhh!'

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