"Who gives a f--- what Ja Rule thinks at a time like this?" Dave Chappelle famously said during one of his hilarious comedy specials. Those words come to mind today (May 7), after Ja Rule appeared on Fox Business News to chime in on the 2016 presidential election. Of course we're here to embrace all things hip-hop but this moment on TV sent a shock wave around the internet.

The rapper showed up to talk about a new credit card venture that he's putting his support behind as the creative head. After discussing Magnisis, the "elite credit card for millennials," Ja shared his thoughts on a few of today's hot button issues including the 2016 presidential race.

When the Fox Business anchor asked the "Put It On Me" MC which presidential candidate he was supporting, he laughed as if knowing the question was coming. Ja, a Democrat, endorsed Hillary Clinton, but what makes his comments more interesting is the fact that he also showed some interest in former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

"I like Hillary," Ja Rule admitted with a smile. "But you know it's crazy because I also think Jeb [Bush] is a good candidate as well."

Knowing that Jeb is a part of the Republican party, Ja Rule clarified that "I'm a Democrat so I would vote Hilary."

The current unrest in Baltimore was also part of the discussion. "It's a very sad situation with what's going on in Baltimore. I think this is going on throughout the country, you know?" he stated.

While he believes that "Somebody needs to be peacemaker to make things better on that front," Ja said that he's not too sure who would be able to fix these issues.

His remarks regarding Clinton caused the internet to go into frenzy. His name became a Trending Topic on Twitter as a result, with fans and critics commenting on his time on camera. "ja rule endorsing clinton , i didnt even know he was still alive," one wrote while another tweeted, "ok Ja Rule being interviewed about politics on Fox News is just about the last thing I thought I'd ever see."

Watch Ja Rule give some facts about Magnises and endorse Clinton above and take a look at how Twitter is reacting to his Fox News appearance time below.

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