Oakland rapper J. Stalin has released his new mixtape On Behalf of the Street 2, a 10-years-later followup to his original tape of the same name. The 23-song collection boasts G-Funk bangers to slap to (provided by production group The Mekanixs) and guest appearances G-Eazy, K Camp, The Jacka, Nef the Pharaoh, Young Mezzy and others.

On the tape, J. Stalin raps about his life growing up in Oakland, Calif., and his street ethos that he developed as a young trap boy. Songs like “Over the Years,” “All Around Me” and “Rest In Peace,” all feature Stalin detailing the life and death struggles on the street of Oakland.

On “Party Jumpin,” Stalin enlists G-Eazy and adds a new verse from the late rapper The Jacka.

“Me and Jacka already planned on doing a part two, because everyone loved the original version from my first album, but I was saving it for the sequel album,” Stalin told The FADER. “I wasn’t able to get a new Jacka verse before he passed, so I’m thinking to myself ‘How can I make the song doper and more relevant and still have Jacka on it? So I went back and listened to the original and took a piece of his verse and made it the hook, to further tie it all together.”

As for the project, Stalin says it represents his voice of the people living in O-Town. “When I say it’s on my behalf, I went from rapping just not about me, but speaking on behalf of the streets/my friends,” he told HipHopDX. “I’m talking about selling dope, busting guns, trying to have a different life. I picked up exactly where I left off from On Behalf of the Streets 10 years ago. It’s like a movie. It’s like I’m still the same J. Stalin that was on OBOTS but a more successful J. Stalin now.”

You can listen to the mixtape above or cop it on iTunes.

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