West Oakland spitter J Stalin just released a sequel to his 2006 cut "Party Jumpin," featuring The Jacka, and it's called "Party Jumpin 2." It also features G-Eazy.

The song is for Stalin's upcoming album On Behalf of the Streets 2, and sadly he wasn't able to add a completely new Jacka verse on it since the rapper was tragically gunned down in Feb. of 2015. However, J was able to come up with another solution.

"Me and Jacka already planned on doing a part two, because everyone loved the original version from my first album, but I was saving it for the sequel album," Stalin told Fader. "I wasn't able to get a new Jacka verse before he passed, so I'm thinking to myself 'How can I make the song doper and more relevant and still have Jacka on it? So I went back and listened to the original and took a piece of his verse and made it the hook, to further tie it all together."

The 33-year-old then said that he wanted to have the same feel for the new version of the song as the original but didn't want to duplicate himself. He also talked about recruiting G-Eazy.

"I sampled the same guy I sampled for part one, Freddie Jackson, I just used a different one of his songs," Stalin explained. "Then I thought, 'Who can I put on it to give it that wow factor?' And it was obviously G-Eazy."

"He never got to work with The Jacka and people don't know but G-Eazy is a real fan of Bay Area music and this is the first time he's on a song with Jacka," J Stalin said. "It ended up being a win-win for everyone."

You can listen to "Party Jumpin 2" here.

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