Rapper iLoveMemphis (or iHeart Memphis?) adds to the list of his popular dance moves with his new video for "Lean and Dab." The Tennessee native got a few of his homies to show fans the dance phenomenon known as dabbing with a trusty lean to go along with it.

The video features dancer Imprint and his cronies FlyTy_4Evaaa, and Math_Yuu leaning and dabbing and giving viewers a proper tutorial as to how to pull the dance move off properly. After setting it off, a few young ladies pop up and join in on the fun, proving that leaning and dabbing isn't exclusively for the guys.

A gravelly voice commands the dancers to "Slide to the left, slide to the right / Rock it to the front, pop it to the back," after which they lean and then dab for the camera in all their glory. While all of the dancers do their thing, King Imprint takes the cake with his nifty moves, leaning and dabbing from the parking lot to his house without breaking a sweat.

Rapper iLoveMemphis may have switched up his stage name, but his knack for crafting catchy dance-oriented hits still remains. His latest single, "Lean And Dab," is sure to take off with his young fans.

Watch the iLoveMemphis' video above and start leaning and dabbing.

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