iLoveMemphis is fighting crime as DC's most famous vigilante, Batman, in his latest video, "Bang Challenge" that's exclusively premiering on The Boombox.

The MHarris-directed video starts off with the presumed villain telling his goons (aka the LYE Academy dancers) to find King iHeart, (iLoveMemphis' other moniker.) But little does the villain know, the Dark Knight is lurking in the shadows above him -- and Catwoman is not far behind.

The song cuts in immediately afterwards and viewers get to see what the "bang challenge" is all about -- defeating the bad guys. Similar to the classic 60s Batman TV show, the word "bang" appears in a scream bubble every time the hero throws a punch towards his enemies.

The track also comes with a few dance instructions with shoutouts to other familiar moves. "Bang bang bang bang dab / I'm just feelin' myself right now / milly rock on any block / just to shut it down / I go this a way and that a way," raps the hit-maker as carries out the dance moves then goes left then right.

Although the "Bang Challenge," has a more "in your face" tone than iLoveMemphis' massive hit, "Hit The Quan" and the subsequent track, "Lean and Dab," it seems that the 23-year-old may have another viral hit on his hands with this one.

"The Bang sound is more street and aggressive than my other tracks," iLoveMemphis told The Boombox. "But we still Bang without negative language so Everyone can have fun with it and dance along. I'm grateful that my fans have embraced the new sound and dance and made it yet another viral trend."

Catch iLoveMemphis get his Adam West on in the video above.

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