Rap newcomer ILOVEMAKONNEN got his first taste of hater-ism while performing at SOBs in New York on Tuesday (Oct. 22). While performing his smash hit 'Tuesday,' he was attacked by a concertgoer and it was all captured on video.

In the clip, which can be viewed above, a man wearing a hoodie approached the stage eyeing ILOVEMAKONNEN and waiting for his move. When the guy reaches to give a dap to the crooner, who returns the favor, he pulls him down to the ground and throws a couple of punches at him.

Luckily, Makonnen's crew and security jumped in to escort the attacker quickly out of the club. And like a trooper, ILOVEMAKONNEN continued to perform his song and had the club goin up -- on a Tuesday no less.

There's hasn't been an explanation as to why anyone would assault ILOVEMAKONNEN. Granted, his 'Tuesday' song is getting played ad nauseum on the radio but that's no excuse to accost him onstage.

The unfortunate incident has caused the Twitterverse to sound off. Read some of the tweets below.

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