The latest Internet sensation has people getting all wet for a good cause. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taking social media by storm and is helping to raise awareness for ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease research. Plus, it's fun to watch people dump buckets of cold water over their heads.

Your favorites R&B and rap stars are getting in on the fun as well. Big names like Dr. Dre, Iggy Azalea and Chris Brown have performed the watery challenge. Meanwhile, everyone from Trey Songz, Tinashe, Game, Jennifer Lopez, Rita Ora and G-Unit , among others have gotten wet in the name of charity.

Below is a roundup of celebs performing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for your viewing pleasure.

We must also send our heartfelt condolences to the Ice Bucket Challenge co-creator Corey Griffin, who died in a freak swimming accident last Saturday (Aug. 18). May he rest eternally in peace.

Watch the ice-cold videos below.

Iggy Azalea rocks an itty bitty bikini and nominates two fellow collaborators.

Chris Brown can't maintain his calm once the ice hits.

Some of Young Money's biggest stars are called out by Tyga.

With a team ready to roll, Tinashe accepts the challenge.

Jennifer Lopez doesn't stay dry for long as her kids help throw some water on her for a good cause.

Rita Ora decides to hit the streets of New York to receive her big splash.

While screams are usually heard after the water hits, Game stays quiet as can be.

Swizz Beatz brings his song Egypt along for the fun and nominates some major players in the game.

The ladies are sure to love Trey Songz's ice bucket challenge since he strips down to his underwear.

With a skateboard in hand, Wiz Khalifa takes the ice water like a champ.

G-Unit members Young Buck, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo conquer the ice water together.