Fans have been patiently waiting for a sequel to 2001's hit movie "How High," and Method Man has one update on the project: Keep waiting.

Or in other words, don't hold your breath.

You see, "How High 2" has been getting the run-around since Redman first announced in 2008 that the crew was working on the sequel. After problems with Universal, (who reportedly own the rights to the first movie and character names) and other hold-ups, it seems that the project is still up in the air.

When asked by
TMZ what was going on, Method responded, "Let me see...right now, my man Dustin Lee Abraham, who wrote the first one, [we're] currently waiting on him to write the second one. If it's good enough, we'll rush out the gate with it. But if it's sub par ..."

The reporter then asked why it's taken so long, and Method responded, "I've been working on it, that's why ... 6 years tomorrow."

Despite the constant hold-ups, Method said that he's not giving up on the movie, and he hopes fans aren't either, even suggesting that people start a petition so that the movie has more backing.

"Universal, you know, [they have to] get the stick up out their ass," he said. "There's a lot of people who want to see this movie. A matter of fact, you guys should start a petition who wants to see 'How High Part 2.' Once you start it, then we'll see where the big wig heads are at when it comes to Redman and Method Man."

Besides the movie, Method also gave another update for something else in his life -- his marijuana intake.

When TMZ asked him if he stills smokes, the rapper responded, "Yeah, oh yeah .. but this is what people gotta misconstrue. I hate when people see me the first thing they associate me with is weed. I have many more layers to me than just smoking marijuana."

Layers like, "The fact that I'm the hell of a MC, that can flow my ass off, you know what I mean. I got vast vocabulary. The first thing that comes out of people's mouths when I walk in the door is, 'He must be high,' which is not always the case."

The last update of the "High How" sequel came in 2011, when Method said the movie was going to come out in 2012.

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