Hot Rod has his eye on one fierce female in the visuals for his new single 'Hot Girl,' and her face is sure to be familiar. R&B singer Lea, who first appeared on Lil' Flip's single, 'Sunshine,' back in 2004, is the main attraction in the Donlee Brussel-directed clip. While the likes of 50 Cent even makes a pass at the beauty, offering her a libation at the bar, it's Hot Rod who eventually wins her smoking hot heart.

A striking feature in the video is the contrast between shades of black-and-white and pops of bold color. Hot Rod's team, who ogle Lea as she enters the venue, are cloaked in dark shades while she and the rapper stand out in red and blue hues, respectively. "The video was inspired by Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' and the movie 'Sin City,'" Hot Rod tells The BoomBox. "It's very creative and I think it turned out amazing. I can't wait to see how the public receives it as I believe it will be a huge look for me."

As for the wealth of friends making their mark in the clip, Hot Rod called on labelmates and music industry colleagues to lend a hand. "We have relationships with all the cameos that appeared in the video," he reveals. "Genasis, Kidd Kidd and Lea are part of G-Unit/G-Note Records, and Mann, DJ SourMilk and Y.G.'s stomping grounds are L.A., just like myself. We all have great chemistry and had a great time at the shoot."

There's also a comedic surprise. "Wayne Brady was actually a surprise cameo and I was very excited because I'm a huge fan," Hot Rod explains. "The director invited him and he accepted which was great. He is an amazing, legendary and humble person whom, after I met, I became an even bigger fan of."

Hot Rod, who is the first artist signed to 50 Cent's G-Note Records, is currently crafting his debut album, 'My Life.'

Watch Hot Rod's 'Hot Girl'

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