Chances are Wiz Khalifa's not a fan of rapper Hot Rod's new song, 'They H--s,' considering the G-Note Records artist is giving the Pittsburgh rhymer some "friendly" advice about the woman by his side, Amber Rose.

On the track, which is a remix of Drake's 'Headlines,' Hot Rod takes aim at Rose, though he never name checks her directly, but it's obvious he's referring to the blonde bombshell when he includes verses with Wiz's moniker.

The California native claims the weed-loving 'Rolling Papers' creator is falling into a trap by falling in love with a h--.

"All the gold diggers say, 'Money over everything, Money on my mind'/ I'ma leave ya ass when ya bank accounts empty/ I told Wiz Khalifa, 'It happens all the time'/ Then he pulled a strap and said, 'Rod, don't tempt me," Rod rhymes.

Perhaps this is Hot Rod's attempt to drum up more publicity for his debut album, 'My Life,' which has no set release date. Last month, the shades-wearing entertainer premiered the visuals for 'Hot Girl,' a song off the LP.

Listen to Hot Rod's 'They H--s'

Watch Hot Rod's 'Hot Girl'

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