Last week, Joe Budden released a visceral diss track at Drake called “Making a Murderer (Part 1)” and so far Drake hasn’t responded back. But battle rap veteran Hollow da Don has a few choice words for the New Jersey rhymer on his diss song, “Making a Murderer (Part 2).”

For those who don’t know, Hollow once battled Budden at the 2014 Total Slaughter, which ended in Hollow being the victor amid Budden's controversial move of walking off the stage.

On “Making a Murderer (Part 2),” Hollow reminds the New Jersey rhymer of their infamous rap battle and calls him "sloppy Joe." He also throw shots at Budden's podcast and his ex-girlfriend, Tahiry.

On his YouTube page, Hollow explains why he went after Budden. He writes:

Hollow Da Don decides to jump in this imaginary beef since Drake not going to respond to sorry lil Joe. He thought the new trend is make up beef and since Joe use his Jodeci line he decided to be an attention whore for the first time and make up some imaginary beef."

Responses to Hollow Da Don's diss track to Joe Budden have been mixed with some saying that the battle rapper took Joey to task while others weren't impressed with Hollow's angry bars.

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Read some of the reactions below.

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