Former Hi-Five singer Russell Neal is in police custody after he told authorities about his dead wife's body inside his apartment and then asked for a lawyer.

According to ABC13 News, Houston police discovered a woman's lifeless body in the living room. She was pronounced dead due to blunt force trauma.

Police say that Neal drove to probable cause court in downtown Houston Wednesday night (July 2) and told deputies that his wife was dead following an argument. He refused to provide any more details and then asked for an attorney.

Neighbors are wondering why Neal didn't call 911 first before heading to court and asking for a lawyer.

"Apparently a guilty conscience, a guilty conscience, a crime of passion," suggested neighbor Keenon Shufford. "You just never know. I think he just probably lost it."

Neighbors say that Neal lived with his wife and two children at the apartment and kept to themselves. According to police, the children are with family and friends.

"There is a lot of death going on," said another neighbor, Althea Russell. "We just should keep praying for the family if anything especially if they have kids. Hopefully, the kids are OK."

No charges have been filed against Neal yet. Authorities say that he hasn't been cooperative since requesting an attorney.

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