Havoc revealed that legendary musician Prince actually played on a Mobb Deep song. Yes--you read that right.

During an appearance on N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN's podcast, the Mobb Deep beatmaker revealed that the Purple One appeared on a Mobb Deep track in the late 90s--and you ain't een know.

When asked to relay his most memorable moments in the studio, Havoc first shared the story of a fatal accident in Harlem that involved the Mobb's friends while they were in the studio working on an album. "The most memorable session i ever had in the studio was when we was working on Hell On Earth," he recalled. "I got to the studio first, P came second, he'd just bought a new car, and we found out there'd been a car accident."

But when N.O.R.E. asked for a more positive story--Havoc shared his Prince story.

"Another memorable one was when we was working on 1999s Murder Muzik and we was in Electric Lady [Studio] right there on W. 8th and I came back and one of my homies was like 'Prince is out there,'" Havoc remembered--still sounding slightly flabbergasted by the entire experience.

The song was "Thou Shall Not Kill," which featured an interpolation of "Cry Little Sister" from 1987's vampire classic The Lost Boys. It would eventually be released on 2007s compilation The Infamous Archives, an unauthorized album featuring "lost" recordings and mixtape tracks from Mobb Deep.

"We in the studio one of my homeboy was like 'Prince is out there' and I was like 'Get the f---- outta here' and he was like 'i'm a bring that n---- in here, he mad cool!' I'm about this tall and Prince is like this.

"So i was making the beat and I was like 'holy sh-t--Prince,'" he continued. "And I was like is there anything I can do to the beat and that n---- got on the keyboard. Swear to God. And then Snoop [Dogg] rhymed on the beat."

And how did the session go?

"That n---- walked out and didn't even say 'bye!'" Havoc laughed.

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