Rapper Hanz On is getting ready to release his final album, BARCA. However before the LP drops on March 17, the Wu-Tang Clan affiliate is revealing his latest visual for "P.L.O.," and The Boombox is ready to give you the first look. Hailing from Staten Island, N.Y., he wanted to pay homage to his neighborhood, especially one particular spot.

"Back when I lived in Parkhill the store, that we called the "PLO," was a lifeline for a lot of us living in the area," he tells The Boombox. "We went there for breakfast, lunch, dinner, pampers, baby milk.. anything that we needed.. The PLO is where we went. If my grandmother or mother didn't have money, the store always held us down and gave us what we needed. As we grew up and started hustling, that's where my day started. Turkey bacon, egg and cheese on a roll, 2 dutches, then it was straight to the block to hustle up any money I could. I guess you can say the store raised us."

Hanz On went the introspective route for his new and final project, Barca, which was inspired by his continuous reading about Hannibal the Great while the rapper was in prison.

"When I was incarcerated I did a lot of reading," he says. "I read a book one day about a great general named Hannibal the Great that for 15 years tried to conquer Rome. Although he never was successful, his drive and perseverance to accomplish this task was astronomical. He may be one of the greatest military minds to date and I was a fan. He literally crossed mountains with elephants in his quest to accomplish his goal."

He adds, "So, my first album was called Hannibal the Great. 'Barca' was his last name so it made sense to name my second and last project, Barca. I like to think of myself as someone who "crossed mountains" with all my trials and tribulations to get to where I am today."

Although it might seem a little premature for him to retire his mic, Hanz On explained that he had his sights set on other parts of the music industry.

"Throughout my journey I've learned a lot about the business side of music," he says. "I just felt like after this album I wanted to focus on running my label. The administrative side of the business is something I can offer to these young kids that are just getting into the game. I can save them from having to deal with these big record labels that exploit them and treat them unfair."

And as he focuses his energies on the release of Barca and Hanz On Music Entertainment (H.O.M.E.), Hanz On wanted to instill some of his wisdom on anyone who wants to get into the music business.

"Just keep pushing towards my vision until I'm standing in front of my goals," he says. "Keep doing things on a professional level and never take NO for an answer."

Watch the "P.L.O." video above, and be sure to check out his LP, Barca on March 17.

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