Rick Ross' swastika-tattooed, dreadlocked partner Gunplay, born Richard Morales Jr., goes by a variety of aliases to suit his moods, including Don Logan, his business side, and Jupiter Jack, the manic, ostentatious performer who sniffs coke in front of Colombian cops for Worldstar videos.

However, on a recent track with Compton up-and-comer Kendrick Lamar, "Cartoon and Cereal," Gun revealed a rasping "emotional" character hardly seen on mixtapes like Bogota Rich and Inglorious Bastard.

"See, that's the real side of Gunplay. I could do them kinda records with ease because it's speaking from the heart and it's dealing with emotions," Gunplay tells us. "That's my thing. Most of the records you hear me on is just my wild side, but that record was like the sentimental, emotional, true-to-life side of Gunplay."

The recent Def Jam signee, who has known Ross for over 15 years, but is only just getting his shine, continued to promise that, while his upcoming debut, Medellin, will contain "a lotta crunk," fans of his sober side will soon hear an entire album of "that 'Cartoon and Cereal' feel."

"That's the growth I want the people to see. I'm gonna give 'em a lotta crunk on this first album, but when it's time to grow, I'm gonna grow not as [in comical voice] 'I got more money, look at me, I bought 101 Bentleys now, I own 80 planes, and that's my growth!'" he quips, suddenly animated.

"My growth is gonna be from the inside, so on my next album you gonna hear a lotta emotional, true-to-life experiences and concepts that a lotta people is dealing with. I'm representing those less fortunate, the next album is gonna really focus on that. So, right now I'm a give you that crunk, what you want to hear, but the next one is going to be a lot of that Kendrick Lamar feel, 'Cartoon and Cereal' feel."

Look out for a full Q&A with Gunplay next week.

Watch "Rick Ross Scared to Feel Like He Made It"

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