Nicki Minaj's hit single 'Anaconda' has inspired people to shake their rump shaker including an inspiring 11-year-old dancer.

Dancer Taylor Hatala shows off her impressive footwork to the Sir Mix-a-Lot-sampled banger. Choreographed by Laurence Kaiwai, the young girl stomps and kicks with determination during the 1-minute clip.

Granted, Minaj's song is a little salacious, but before you call child services, the dance routine looks innocent enough, plus there are other dancers cheering her on.

Hatala's footwork mirrors fellow 12-year-old dancer Charlize Glass whose sizzling dance video to Beyonce's track 'Yonce' went viral earlier this year.

In the end, these two young girls are 'Flawless' on the dance floor. See what we did there?

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