Detroit automobile company Chrysler made headlines with the advertising campaign for their new Chrysler 300, which stars hometown hero Eminem and the instrumental from his '8 Mile' anthem 'Lose Yourself,' a perfect choice for the car company's inspirational commercial series.

For their new Chrysler 300 ad, starring Ndamukong Suh -- a Detroit Lions NFL player -- the car company selected a less likely choice for a soundbed, however, featuring the beat from Texas rap group the Geto Boys' 2005 single 'G-Code.'

The Scarface solo, which was also produced by the rapper, was the legendary rap group's lead single from their 2005 album 'The Foundation,' and is a rumored diss to Face's former homie Lil' Troy, whom he refers to as a snitch and a "mouse."

Scarface was reportedly arrested back in October of 2010, for failure to pay child support in four separate cases, and was also said to face other undisclosed federal charges. It is not yet known whether he has been released.

In the ad, however, the music works to paint a vastly different portrait, featuring the Detroit Lion and NFL 2010 Rookie of the Year, as he calmly drives a Chrysler 300 Executive series to meet his mother, accompanied by the synth-based 'G-Code' instrumental, and a contemplative voiceover, musing about "humble beginnings."

Listen to the 'G-Code' Instrumental in the new Chrysler Ad

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