Game's issues with his family just went viral. The Compton native, who has been known to have problems with his relatives, got into a heated exchange with his older brother, Big Fase 100, via Twitter. Fase, who held nothing back on the social networking site, lashed out at Game, accusing him of forgetting about his family once he made it big.

"This ain't about no f---in 'Brakelights," Fase charged after ripping on Game's mixtape of the same name. "It's about the Taylor family and the family member who got [money] and left everybody behind ... mom/dad. all," he continued, "F--- a n---- who do a song bout his sister life without her blessing, but wont help her when she reaches out doin bad. F--- a family member who leaves his whole family hangin!" Fase noted that he chose the public forum to air out his family's dirty laundry because Game ignores everything else.

Game chimed in with his rebuttal but failed to call Fase out directly. "F--- family!!!" he wrote. "From the bottom of my heart. Ya'll think yall gone run me dry.hit ya #brakelights h--. Question: How many 'family' members came to see me when I was in the hospital all shot up? The answer:0."

In the past, the 30-year-old has been very vocal about his estrangement from his family, and was even sued for physically assaulting his cousin at his sister's funeral in 2008. Hopefully Game and Fase will learn to keep their family feud off of Twitter, even if they can't seem to work things out.

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