After entreating fans to pray on behalf of his daughter, Compton rapper the Game announced on Tuesday that 3-month-old Cali Dream Taylor has successfully survived her surgery. "We thank u all for your prayers & well wishes!!!" Game tweeted. "The surgery was quick & successful. She's up & on the way home."

While Game has yet to reveal the reason for his daughter's surgery, he wrote yesterday that her condition had considerably worsened, causing her to be rushed to Cedar's Sinai Pediatric Ward for surgery while he was still on tour in Europe. "Cali Dream Taylor a.k.a. Superwoman," an overjoyed Game exclaimed after the surgery. "Strong lil chubby baby ha ha ha ... Again, thank God as well as her mother & all of u 4 the blessings."

Fellow rapper and family man Paul Wall was one of many to send Game a message of support via twitter, to which Game replied "Yezzzzur, baby had to have an operation this morning but she pulled through it like a boss!!!" Game also thanked the doctor and hospital staff for their care of little Cali. "I also wanna thank the doctor & his team at Cedar Sinai pediactric ward 4 being very professional, efficient & taking good care of my baby."

The Aftermath rapper then went back to his typical tweet routine, riffing on the trending topics #youthetypeofn---- and #uglycoworkers, and promoting his long-delayed 'R.E.D. Album,' so it seems that things are back to normal.