After a Twitter "mishap" by California rapper Game jammed the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department's phone lines for hours on August 12, he appeared on CNN to apologize for the incident.

According to Game, the tweet, which listed the LASD's toll-free number, and was sent out to his almost 600K following last Friday (August 12), was a prank played by a friend of his, made while he was at a photo shoot.

"It was just a simple mishap, I was doing a photo shoot and one of my boys picked up my phone and just started tweeting random numbers," Game explained. "I never want to be the source of anything happening wrong to anybody or anybody not being able to get through to the help lines at the police station."

The LASD did not find the prank funny, however, and threatened to charge the rapper, born Jayceon Taylor, with several misdemeanors, including obstruction of justice, claiming several distress calls on the night in question, including a missing person's report, a spousal assault, two robberies and a stolen car.

"It's a 10-digit toll-free number, and when people are in trouble, they call 911," Game argued in his defense. "That's not to take away from the police doing a job, I don't ever want to see anybody hurt. I got kids at home, woman at home, I'm not that guy. So, definitely my sincerest apologies to the Sheriff's Department. Like i said, it was just a joke gone wrong, I never intended for anybody to take it the wrong way, or for it to go this far. I think it's all nonsense."

After an investigation by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, the charges against the rapper were dismissed.

"Based upon our investigation, as well as consultation with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, the LASD considers the criminal investigation into this matter closed," the Sheriff's Department said in a statement. "The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department will not be seeking criminal charges."

Watch Game's apology here.

Game's fourth release, 'The R.E.D. Album,' is in stores August 23. Was it a mishap or yet another marketing ploy by the Game?

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