Bieber fever has found its way into even the hardest of hearts- Compton gangsta rapper the Game recently admitted to being a fan of the ubiquitous Justin Bieber. "I like the kid. I seen him perform. He's a livewire. He gets it done," Game said. "He's another artist that breaks the color lines. I love when people come along and they do that. Everybody loves this kid and he seems like a good kid. More power to him." Give that thug a hug. [RapUp]
Know who else likes a little Bieber? Former Guns N' Roses axe-man Slash, who met the lil tyke on a flight to Australia, and instantly felt like taking him out on the town. "Maybe the missus & I can take Justin & co to dinner & a t-tty bar," Slash tweeted. "Australia has some amazing gentleman's clubs." Indeed. [Slash]