Rapper Game lost the holiday spirit quickly on Christmas Eve as a result of being robbed while shopping for gifts at a California mall.

After the 'My Life' rhymer bought presents at the Westfield Topanga Mall in Canoga Park, Calif., he returned to his friend's vehicle to find out that $75,000 and several pieces of jewelry were missing. He then took to his Twitter to share the bad news.

"Topanga Mall Nordstroms valet is janky as F---!!! They gotta a lil stealing ring goin, PARKS YA OWN S--- from now on!" he tweeted.

Game went on to detail the twisted turn of events.

"So, heres my day: tried 2 do last minute shoppin 4 da kids & valet stole a Louis Duffle out @avanterose's car & we 2 chains & $75,000 short," he revealed. "So police come & guess who get patted down ? Yea, US !!! then they tell us da palmtree was blocking the crime scene on the tape."

The father of three felt local police did little to rectify the situation during the investigation. "Then after 4 hrs of no answers we drivin off & da most racist of all da cops gone say: 'Thats a sweet ride man'. WHAT ?!? B!tch, investigate."

Although the large sum of money and material items weren't recovered, Game promised the thieves would not get away with their crime. "They aint seen the last of us tho. Soon after xmas is over....IT'S ON you thieving mothafuckas !!! If u dont get a gift tomorrow THAT'S WHY & me or @avanterose couldnt do sh!t cuz both are dumb ass's on parole. Ole' Yes officer, No officer ass n!ggas we was !!!"

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