Compton rapper the Game has been ordered to pay his cousin over $50,000 in damages, after assaulting him at a family funeral in 2008.

Game, born Jayceon Taylor, was accused of beating his cousin Robert Kirkwood, with the aid of four other men, at the funeral for Kirkwood's sister in 2008. According to Kirkwood, the dispute began after Game refused to help pay for the costs of the funeral, instead growing violent, punching his cousin, causing severe injury.

While charges were officially dropped against Game after he completed an anger management course in 2009, the civil suit brought against him by his cousin has finally come to a ruling, with Game being ordered to pay $50,580 to cover Kirkwood's medical expenses and other damages.

While the ruling was made by the Los Angeles County Superior Court several months ago, news only just hit the 'Net. Game has yet to make a payment, according to reports.

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