Just as Game gets his love life back on track, legal troubles are putting a damper on his summer. As TMZ reports, producer Marco Rodriguez, better known as Infamous, is suing the rapper for more than $100,000 over a beat he says he wasn't paid for.

Infamous claims Game used one of his backing tracks to create the song "Skate On," which appears on his free California Republic mixtape. The producer apparently sent him the beat back in 2010 -- which he was more than willing to do, since they'd worked together before -- but never heard back about a possible deal.

The lawsuit comes some three months after Infamous sent a letter to Game seeking payment. The rapper never responded, and while the producer generally earns between $20,000 and $25,000 per tune, he's gunning for damages that will push this lawsuit into six-figure territory.

Game has yet to respond to the allegations.

Watch "Game Calls Off Wedding"

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