On a recent episode of 'Larry King Now,' the historic news anchor sat down with Game to speak on a number of topics including his new Robin Hood Project, the George Zimmerman trial verdict, and much more.

The Los Angeles rapper's latest endeavor, Robin Hood Project, was spawned by a run-in with two young boys outside of a grocery store in Australia, where he was recently on tour. After talking with the children and hearing their story, he gave them the money he had left ($20) and made a vow to help other underprivileged people and families he met along the way.

This included giving $100 or $200 to homeless folks he met in Australia along with donating $10,000 to the funeral costs for a young girl who was murdered in Los Angeles. He would later attend the funeral and also helped raise $20,000 for the family of Martha Sanchez, who was fatally shot in mid-September in a Los Angeles discount store. The goal is to raise and give away $1 million to those in need by Christmas (Dec. 25)."

Game also gives some insight into how he got his rapper alias/nickname, his time spent selling drugs, the altercation that ruined his basketball career, and how he got the attention of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. It's safe to say that you need to watch this.

You can watch the interview above.

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