The GameWhile many record companies are hard at work trying to mastermind new and creative ways to sell records in a declining music industry, the Game is actually offering some flashy incentives to encourage fans to pick up his forthcoming LP, 'The R.E.D. Album.'

Over the weekend, Game (@ihategame) tweeted a message to his 180,000 + followers that read: "Bout 2 give my iced out "Twitter Icon" chain 2 the fan who purchases the most R.E.D. Albums 8-24-10 stay tuned." Included with the tweet was a photo of an impressive diamond encrusted chain and pendant of his all red Twitter avatar.

The Compton rapper has been notorious for going lengths to keep his name in the press when he has a new project on the way.

With no other details or information about the jewelry, Game's fans bombarded the rapper with replies, but Game gave no further details. While some fans adamant on picking up 30 or 50 copies, another pointed out, "... i dont think i will need so much of 1 album."

Also in support of his next LP, Game has a new DJ Skee hosted mixtape titled 'Brake Lights' on the horizon.

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