It's a good thing Game is rich. Over the weekend, amid reports he's being sued for more than $100,000 by a producer who claims he stole a beat, the Cali rapper told TMZ that the wedding he and fiancee Tiffney Cambridge cancelled back in July cost him $100,000.

Game and Cambridge, who were planning to film their nuptials for a Vh1 reality show, have since reconciled and rescheduled the event, but doing so is going to set them back plenty.

"Life is back on ... the wedding's on, my family is on," Game told the gossip site, according to Contact Music. "We lost about $100,000 in venue changes but it's all good. I got a lot of paper."

One thing about paper: It burns. Here's hoping Game keeps this summer's cash inferno from ravaging his bank account too badly.

Watch "Game Calls Off Wedding"

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