As G-Eazy prepares to release his new album, 'These Things Happen,' he drops a new single called 'Lotta That.' Produced by Christoph Andersson and co-produced by G-Eazy, it's a braggadocio track with A$AP Ferg and U.K. rhyme-spitter Danny Seth.

On the song, G-Eazy raps about bagging chicks and collecting checks.

"Yeah, I get a lot of checks / And yeah I have a lot of sex
 / And labels know I got up next
," he raps over an eerie trap beat.

A$AP Ferg follows with a crude verse that involves Timberlands, algebra, bodily fluids and lemonade. Meanwhile, Danny Seth brings his hardcore rhymes to the trifecta.

"Yeah, I've had a lotta sex / And yeah, I've cut a lot of checks / I'm counting so much paper until my fuckin' fingers hurt," he boasts.

If you like 'Lotta That,' then check out G-Eazy's 'These Things Also Happened,' a four-song EP of remixes by Christoph Andersson including 'Almost Famous.'

G-Eazy's new album, 'These Things Happen,' will arrive in stores on June 23.

Listen to G-Eazy's 'Lotta That' Feat. A$AP Ferg & Danny Seth