Moroccan-raised South Bronx, N.Y., transplant French Montana has been married since 2007, so when he spoke with The BoomBox last week, we were planning to ask the recent Bad Boy signee to help us pen a "Married Man's Guide to Picking Up Chicks." Sadly for everyone involved, he informed us that his marriage had dissolved earlier this year.

Instead, we rode a different wave with the "Pop That" creator, whose poor enunciation has earned him a Twitter mention approximately every 30 seconds according to the New York Times. The end result is "The Big Time Guide to Picking Up Chicks," which offers you simps crucial game theory for the club, the strip club and everywhere in between.

How do you pick up a girl in the strip club?

How I pick up a girl in the strip club?

Yeah, you're me in the strip club tonight, how do I pick up a girl.

Throw them bands [money] up. You don't gotta talk. Just throw a couple of them bands up, then all they eyes be on you. Then you just pick whichever one you want. You pay extra bands, then they leave the club with you. Big time.

Bands a make her leave. How do you pick up a girl in the street?

See that's hard. It depend what city you in. You try to pick up a girl in New York, she gonna turn around, she might kick you. Like a horse. It depends, you know.

But everybody knows that dude in New York who talks to every girl in the street and one out of 10...

Yeah, that's how it be. You just gotta try your luck.

What about out in L.A.?

Out in L.A.? Never know what could happen to you in L.A., tryna talk to a girl. I mean the best place to talk to a girl is, you know, the club. Or somewhere social. Or the easiest way to talk to a girl is just a friend that know a friend, and everybody together and just start from there to ... big time.

How do you pick up a woman on an airplane?

Man, everything just start flashing back. I picked up some people on airplanes, know what what I'm saying. But nah, that just depends. It start with the conversation, then you ask if they know French Montana, shot caller. Nah, I'm fuckin' with you [laughs]. It just start with the conversation. I mean obviously when you look at the person you already know if they gonna holla at you or not. When they give you that little look or whatever it is, you go from there.

How do you pick up a woman when you're broke?

When you're broke I tell her it is what it is. That's when you know if keeping it real goes wrong, if keeping it real goes right. You gotta keep it real sometimes. That's when you find out "Is you with me for the money or is you with me for me?" That's when you find out she gonna be like "I'ma be with you for the money" [laughs]. It'll work, though. There's a couple real ones.

What's the hardest situation to pick up a girl in?

The hardest situation to pick up a girl in is ... in church and in Morocco on Ramadan. On Ramadan or one of those religious days? Try to pick up a girl is bananas.

And you were in Morocco...

On Ramadan, that's why I said it.

Nothing happening then.

It was not. At all. At all. Big time. Can't pick up nothing if you had a gun.

French Montana is preparing to release his debut album, Excuse My French, this winter. Big time.

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