FreewayFreeway and Jake One's 'The Stimulus Package' remains one of the finest slices of vintage hip-hop we've heard thus far in 2010, so it's no surprise that they are still riding the wave of promotion to dope results. The duo recently dropped a video for the record's 'She Makes Me Feel Alright.' Shot by director Rik Cordero, the clip recalls a nostalgia for when hip-hop videos didn't need jungle scenes, explosions and piles of money to reflect a song's meaning.

The video opens with Freeway in an apartment clad with some buxom eye candy. His first house guest seems to tend well to his sexual needs before getting in a fight and then potentially starting a make out session with one of the Philly Freezer's other ladies. A third woman greets Freeway at the door with an open trench coat, while a final visitor greets the dreaming MC with a dose of reality -- a wake-up punch and his child.

'She Makes Me Feel Alright' is the most pop-oriented track from 'The Stimulus Package,' but it still sports a post-'Blueprint' soulful bump that's mostly been missing from New York hip-hop over the past few years. It's the second official video to drop from the duo since the record came out last February.

Watch the video after the jump.