Frank Ocean is running away from a murderer on his newly released track, 'Dreamkilla.'

On the Midi Mafia production, the Odd Future affiliate croons of his quest to get away from a certain someone who's out to see his dreams squashed and future plans killed. "I'm runnin, I'm runnin' as fast my mind will let me/ I'm runnin,' I'm gunnin,' dreamkilla's on a hunt for me/ I'm runnin,' I'm runnin,' won't never let him get me...," Ocean croons over the mid-tempo tune.

The 'Nostalgia, Ultra' creator describes the negativity of a person all too happy to see his dreams fall to the wayside: "Say I'm infatuated with my future/ Too in love with tomorrow/ And that tomorrow's a mystery that won't be solved/ Tomorrow's a rolling stone that won't be home."

Ocean, a Def Jam signee, is currently crafting a repackaged work of 'Nostalgia, Ultra' called 'Nostalgia, LITE.' The EP is set to feature seven songs and will debut on July 26. 'Novacane' will make the effort, but fans will have to wait until the end of the month to see just which other cuts made the release.

Currently, the singer is said to have his vocals showcased on Jay-Z's and Kanye West's highly anticipated 'Watch the Throne' album. He also scored a high profile writing credit on Beyonce's '4' album, on the track 'I Miss You.'